CyberVista's New Test Prep Program Makes CISSP More Attainable

CyberVista’s New Test Prep Program Makes Crucial CISSP More Attainable

CyberVista’s New Test Prep Program Makes Crucial CISSP More Attainable 1200 628 CyberVista

By Jung Lee, Head of Certification Test Preparation Programs, CyberVista

Today, the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals far outstrips supply, and it’s only getting worse. Recent estimates from Cisco peg the current shortfall of cybersecurity professionals at one million, and projections from Symantec indicate a shortfall of 1.5 million by 2019. One of the best ways to address the gaping hole that exists in today’s cybersecurity workforce is to make professional certification exams more approachable to more people—in the field, in adjacent fields, and for those contemplating entering the field.

A new approach to CISSP test prep

This week, CyberVista announced the launch of a program designed to do exactly that while meeting with IT security professionals at BlackHat USA 2016, one of the world’s pre-eminent information security conferences. Our new Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification test preparation program provides students with unprecedented flexibility, with real-time instruction delivered online, along with the opportunity to learn from the best instructors – CISSP certified and (ISC)2 authorized – from around the country, all from the convenience of their living rooms.

The CISSP test preparation program is just one of several initiatives CyberVista is planning to address the growing cybersecurity skills gap, but we started there because CISSP certification is among the most in-demand certification in the field. A 2015 Burning Glass report showed demand for CISSPs skyrocketing, with job postings in major cities like Washington, D.C., New York and San Francisco increasing 39 percent, 90 percent and 88 percent, respectively, from 2010-2014.

Retain for the long term

As someone who has built my career in learning science and test preparation at Kaplan, I can tell you that the key to preparing for any certification exam is not only to learn the material in time to pass an exam, but to practice so one can retain the material for the long term, and to relate all of the knowledge to a job. With those best practices in mind, along with my own experience studying for the CISSP exam, we’ve created CyberVista’s CPx program, which offers several unique features:

  • Personalized experience: CyberVista’s program is the only one that conducts an initial assessment of each student’s level of knowledge to deliver a personalized and efficient study plan.
  • Most comprehensive instruction: 300+ hours of structured learning including more than 70 hours of live and on-demand expert instruction.
  • Engaging delivery mechanisms: The program utilizes highly-engaging delivery mechanisms, including lightboard technology and on-demand video, to provide an experience that more closely mirrors and even exceeds the benefits of face-to-face instruction.
  • A focus on practice: CyberVista’s test preparation includes more than 2,000 practice questions, flashcards and CyberVista Quick Notes.
  • Convenience: Courses will be offered online on weekday evenings to eliminate travel and minimize the impact on jobs and other obligations of working professionals.

Approachable and convenient

This new approach to cybersecurity test preparation not only supports long term knowledge retention and job applicability, but also delivers the content in an approachable and convenient way. CyberVista’s test prep program represents a new way of thinking about certification test preparation, which will enable more people to successfully obtain in-demand certifications. Our ultimate goal is to increase the pool of people in the cybersecurity workforce, a critical step toward improving the cybersecurity posture of both private and public sector organizations.