More Reasons to Earn Your Next Cert

More Reasons to Earn Your Next Cert 864 486 CyberVista

More Reasons to Earn Your Next Cert

The Obvious Reasons

There are obvious, well-documented benefits of earning a cybersecurity certification. A certification can help garner a better position, a higher salary, and more prestige.If that’s not appealing enough, here are a few more reasons to earn a cybersecurity cert that you might not have considered.


Your parents (and grandparents) will be proud of you. They will swell with pride (finally) about your accomplishments. They will, at long last, have a smart rejoinder when their neighbor in Miami starts bragging about their neurosurgeon and corporate lawyer offspring.

More importantly, you will be proud of you. Achieving certification signifies you have mastered a body of knowledge that leaders of this dynamic profession feel are both fundamental and essential. Your pride is justifiable, if not for the content mastery than for the preparation process. All of the happy hours skipped for homework quizzes, all the friends ditched for flashcards, the Netflix abandoned for note-taking, and countless other personal sacrifices contributed to your success on test day. You will have gained a new appreciation for what the 19th century English essayist Max Beerbohm noted, “No fine work can be done without concentration and self-sacrifice and toil…”


The universal feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and energy, will beget more of the same. Success on a certification exam can build momentum to take on other certifications and larger tasks. Just ask CyberVista alumna, Laura Owens, who used the CISSP certification to catapult her into a new business venture.


In addition to personal gains, you’ll benefit the society around you with your ability to make a difference. Cybersecurity is not just another trade. It’s vital in protecting the nation’s commerce, physical infrastructure, and communication. It’s not an exaggeration to anticipate that modern communication and commerce could not exist without cybersecurity mechanisms and the people who build and monitor them.

In addition, you’ll enter a group of like-minded individuals who share the same goal. There are many avenues for cert holders (and non-cert holders) to engage in the
community around them through events, research, and discussions. Engaging in this special community will make you a leader in a very important and dynamic profession.

Need Another Reason?

Better-looking friends? A fancier car? A lengthier obituary in your local newspaper after you… pass? What else is it going to take to put you over the edge? We recommend checking out CyberVista’s promotional offer to help dull the “toil” and make your decision to pursue that next cert even easier. We’ll see you in class.