Critical Knowledge: SOC Analyst Course

Gain all of the knowledge and skills you need to support your SOC.

Enterprise organizations around the world manage security operation centers (SOC) to monitor network activity and mitigate threats to the organization.  Yet, organizations are struggling to on-board new analysts, needing an average of four months of on-the-job training from a more advanced SOC Analyst to be ready to fill the role.

CyberVista now offers a 100% online training program designed to develop Tier I SOC Analysts in half the time at a fraction of the cost. Critical Knowledge: SOC Analyst Course is a comprehensive offering that builds on the Critical Knowledge training program. This course goes beyond fundamental concepts and dives into technical and task-oriented subject matter designed for Tier I SOC and entry-level cybersecurity analysts.

Unit 1: SOC Organization & Processes
Learners will understand the roles and responsibilities of both the SOC and the SOC analysts within an organization.

Unit 2: Threats & Vulnerability Analysis
Learners will be able to conduct vulnerability assessment and analysis, threat research, and establish known-good and known-bad network baselines.

Unit 3: Device Log Analysis
Learners will understand the importance and mechanisms of device logs, be able to conduct log analysis, and create scripts to automate analysis.

Unit 4: Comprehensive Org. Event Correlation
Learners will understand the purpose and application of SIEMs, conduct analysis of SIEM results, correlate multiple network events, and detect evidence of post-attack strategies.

Unit 5: PCAP Analysis
Learners will be able to capture live traffic and conduct analysis on captured packets for indicators of network attacks.

Unit 6: Incident Response
Learners will understand the Incident Response phases and determine indicators of compromise for given incidents.