Critical Knowledge

Build baseline cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities to propel your cyber career. 

Enterprises leverage the capabilities of the 100% online Critical Knowledge enterprise solution to cross-skill, and upskill cybersecurity and cyber-enabled team members. Now you have an opportunity to experience this offering for your own personal benefit. Critical Knowledge aligns with the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) meaning that the skills acquired in this course will help you to build a firm foundation within the field of cybersecurity.  This offer includes:

Critical Knowledge Diagnostic exam
  • An engaging one-hour assessment of 36 questions designed to identify your strengths and weaknesses across subject areas
Unit 1 – Network Fundamentals – A 9-hour course that covers the basic concepts and techniques found in computer networks.
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • Describe network routing principles, including network architecture, media, protocols, and devices
  • Perform simple command line operations to demonstrate common network principles
  • Identify potential weak spots, vulnerabilities, exploits present in a given network