Why Senior Executives

Do you know why you have become the most sought-after target? This topic will contextualize why threat actors work at length to make you their next victim.

  • Ensuring Privacy: This is where we get more personal. Learn how to regain control of your (and your family’s) privacy. From phone settings to social media, we’ve got you covered.
  • The Black Market: Get insight into the black market and understand the various types of information and services traded by cyber criminals and other nefarious actors.
  • Security on the Go: Highlights the potential risks while traveling. From planes, trains, and automobiles (as well as hotels, cafés, and pubs), we’ll teach you how to stay secure.
  • Targeting Strategies: The bad guys are clever and are looking to steal your info or dupe you into providing it to them. Don’t be a victim of the latest targeting strategies and tactics.
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