AWS Cloud Tools

Manage tools related to IAM, security, management & governance, storage, migration, networking, and computing within AWS.

Course Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud computing service providers on the market today. Offering over 200 services, AWS gives organizations one comprehensive platform to support multiple business needs. To ensure optimal performance and business continuity, cloud practitioners must have a firm understanding of AWS tools, as well as how to effectively manage and secure them.

N2K’s AWS Cloud Tools course is for cloud practitioners within organizations that use Amazon Web Services who need to understand how the environment works and for those who want to deepen their current knowledge.

As an intermediate-level course, it’s designed to expose practitioners to various tools that can be found within the AWS cloud environment. With a combination of theoretical and hands-on instruction, learners will come away with a deeper understanding of how to use tools related to security, computing, storage, migration, networking, and monitoring within AWS.

This is an on-demand course with 10 hours of guided instruction and demonstrations presented in an easy-to-digest format from instructors with years of teaching and technical experience. Private live online sessions are available for enterprise teams.

  • Optional – Live Online Sessions
  • 10 hours of on-demand videos, including lectures and demos
  • Tools Cheat Sheet & Summary Notes
  • 15-Question Diagnostic Exam
  • 15-Question Final Exam
  • Knowledge Check Quizzes
  • Personal Performance Tracker


A foundational level of knowledge of cloud environments is recommended for this course, however, is not mandatory. Some course and certification recommendations before completing the AWS Cloud Tools course include CompTIA IT Fundamentals+, N2K’s Cloud Security Essentials, or Critical Knowledge Course.

What to Pursue Next

After completing the AWS Cloud Tools course, here are recommended role-based and certification training options to pursue next:

Course Outline

Module 1: Identity and Access Management This module covers the identity and access management tools that can be used within AWS to enforce resource access management, configure policies and roles, and utilize proper authorization mechanisms. 

  • Identity and Access Management tools
  • Directory Services in AWS

Module 2: Security in AWS This module covers the key security tools that are used within AWS to prevent attacks, maintain confidentiality, and investigate incidents.

  • Cloud Security in AWS
  • Confidentiality in AWS

Module 3: Management and Governance in AWS This module covers the various management tools that can be used within AWS to assist with configuration management, ensure compliance, and monitor your AWS networks’ health.

  • Configuration Management
  • Governance and Auditing Tools
  • Monitoring and Observability Tools

Module 4: Storage in AWS This module covers the various storage solutions that exist within AWS, what types of data they store, and how to configure each of them.

  • The Simple Storage Service
  • Amazon’s Elastic File System
  • The Elastic Block Store

Module 5: Migrating to AWS This module details the various tools that can be used by organizations when migrating resources to the AWS environment.

  • AWS Migration
  • Migration Services
  • The AWS Snow Family

Module 6: Networking in AWS This module covers the tools that can be used by organizations to create and manage the various aspects of a cloud network and to make sure that the cloud network functions as intended.

  • The Virtual Private Cloud
  • Creating a Cloud Network
  • Delivering Content in AWS

Module 7: Computing in AWS This module details what tools are used when handling computing resources within AWS and how to automate functions such as application deployment and when using Lambda functions.

  • The Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Batch Computing in AWS
  • Understanding Lambda
  • Application Deployment and Scaling