CyberVista has developed educational information technology videos designed around relevant, real-world IT topics. After completing this video set, apply for educational or professional credits to maintain your PMI, (ISC)², and CompTIA certifications.

This training course includes the following objectives:

  • Understand Cloud Computing, discussing what it is, what it is not, where it works and where it doesn’t
  • Identify the flavors of Cloud and know where each Cloud variety is a best fit
  • Discuss ClearSky Data’s unique approach to data storage and management
  • Understand the advantages a managed service provider can offer organization’s today
  • Identify best practices for working with managed service providers
  • Understand what the term Cloud-Native means and why it matters
  • Identify the benefits and challenges associated with Cloud-Native applications
  • Learn about the difficulties of migrating legacy applications to the Cloud
Product Type

Training Course