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CompTIA A+ Core 1

N2K’s A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Training Course enables entry-level practitioners to build the foundational knowledge and skills needed to prepare for a career in the IT industry.

Course Overview

As an Official Training Provider for CompTIA, N2K’s A+ Core 1 Training Course helps practitioners learn the fundamental information technology concepts to be successful in an IT role. This is an on-demand course that allows participating practitioners to study at their own pace.

While CompTIA recommends participants have between 9-12 months of hands-on experience in the lab or field, there are no formal prerequisites for this course.

Get to know the instructor: Dan Neville

Please Note: This course is intended to prepare learners for the A+ Core 1 (220-1101) exam only. Learners will need to also take the A+ Core 2 (220-1102) exam separately and pass both exams in order to attain the A+ credential. For more information, please visit the CompTIA website.

Roles You Can Get with CompTIA A+ Cert

Help Desk Technician

IT Specialist

Field Service Technician

IT Support Manager

Business Analyst

Technical Support Specialist

This course includes 6 month access to:
  • Modular On-Demand Video Lessons
  • Unit Knowledge Check Quizzes
  • e-Flashcards
  • Downloadable Summary Notes PDF
  • Unit Summary Videos
  • Personal Performance Tracker

Course Outline

  • Domain 1 covers various concepts regarding mobile devices and laptops and the configuration of mobile devices to networks.

    • Laptop hardware and components 
    • Display components of mobile devices 
    • Accessories and ports of mobile devices 
    • Mobile-device network connectivity and application support.
  • Domain 2 covers common networking protocols and concepts, as well as the configuration of small networks, both wired and wireless.

    • TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and purposes 
    • Common networking hardware 
    • Protocols for wireless networking 
    • Services provided by networked hosts 
    • Configure basic wired/wireless small office/home office networks 
    • Common network configuration 
    • Internet connection types, network types, and features 
    • Use networking tools
  • Domain 3 covers common system hardware and their installation and purposes. 

    • Cable types and connectors, features, and purposes
    • Install appropriate RAM
    • Select and install storage devices
    • Install and configure motherboards, CPUs, and add-on cards
    • Install or replace the appropriate power supply
    • Deploy and configure multifunction devices/printers and settings
    • Install and replace printer consumables
  • Domain 4 covers basic cloud computing and client-side virtualization concepts.

    • Cloud-computing concepts
    • Client-side virtualization
  • Domain 5 covers basic troubleshooting methodologies for various hardware and network technologies.

    • Best practice methodology to resolve problems
    • Troubleshoot problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU, and power
    • Troubleshoot and diagnose problems with storage drives and RAID arrays
    • Troubleshoot video, projector, and display issues
    • Troubleshoot common issues with mobile devices
    • Troubleshoot and resolve printer issues
    • Troubleshoot problems with wired and wireless networks

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The A+ Core Series certifications by CompTIA require candidates to pass two exams: Core 1 (220-1101) and Core 2 (220-1102). Earning the A+ credential emphasizes a candidate’s knowledge and proficiency of key technologies and skills that IT professionals need to support a hybrid workforce, including:

    • The dependencies of SaaS applications for working remote
    • How to remotely diagnose and correct common software, hardware or connectivity problems
    • Cloud virtualization, IoT device security, data management, and scripting
    • Multiple operating systems, when to use them, and how to keep them running properly
    • How to assess whether to fix something on site or send to a specialized provider

    For more information about the A+ Core 1 exam, visit the CompTIA website.

  • Number of Questions: Maximum of 90

    Types of Questions: Multiple-choice, Performance-based

    Length of Test: 90 minutes

    Recommended Experience: 12 months of hands-on experience in a help desk support technician, desktop support technician, or field service technician job role

    Passing Score: 675 (on a scale of 100-900)

    For more information about the A+ Core 1 exam, visit the CompTIA website.

  • Domain 1: Mobile Devices (15%)

    Domain 2: Networking (20%)

    Domain 3: Hardware (25%)

    Domain 4: Virtualization & Cloud Computing (11%)

    Domain 5: Hardware & Network Troubleshooting (29%)

    For more information about the A+ Core 1 exam, visit the CompTIA website.

  • The standard training modality of the course is video-on-demand. Participants have access to all training tools including video lessons, knowledge checks, performance tracker and more within our proprietary LMS for 180-days.

  • Dan Neville, N2K Cyber Content Developer, MS, ITF+, A+, Network+

    Dan helped a number of CompTIA academy partner institutions build their curricula and degree programs and work with accrediting bodies at the national and state level. He also has years of technical and instructional experience that he brings to N2K and in this course. Get to know more about Dan in our Instructor Spotlight blog.

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