December 18th, 2017: Happy CAT Day

December 18th, 2017: Happy CAT Day 864 486 CyberVista now N2K

December 18th, 2017: Happy CAT Day

While World Cat Day isn’t celebrated until February 17th, we’re celebrating CAT Day today on December 18th, 2017. Today is the day that the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam converts to a Computer Adaptive Test.* To all of you InfoSec professionals out there, Happy CAT Day!

If you are sitting for your CISSP exam on or after December 18, 2017, you may be feeling anxious about the new exam format. I’m here to soothe some of that stress. You shouldn’t worry because today’s change only concerns the format of the exam – not a content update. The content on the CAT version of the exam is the same as the traditional exam content that you’ve been studying for the past several months. And when I say same content, I mean same exam objectives, same eight domains, same domain weights, and exam items (a fancy term for test questions). This is great news, but you might not want to get too comfortable: A CISSP exam content update is coming down the pike in April of 2018. We’ll keep you posted on those changes in the near future.

If you’re doing your final prepping, you should be confident you’ll pass the exam if you’ve been putting in the work to retain the current scope of the exam material. The new exam format can’t dissolve all your studying, all the knowledge you’ve built, or the years of experience you have collected around the content.  

Reading a book is a different experience than listening to it. But the change in format doesn’t change the words of the story. Good luck as you write the next chapter in your own story.

Want a bit more information to set your mind at ease?

Visit our detailed run down of the CAT format change, take a free CISSP CAT quiz, and review our upcoming CAT Test Day Strategies webinars to see how we can help.  

* Note: The 12/18/17 CISSP CAT format change is reflected for the English version of the CISSP exam only, with other supported languages to follow soon thereafter. You can review further CAT FAQs here.