CISSP Expert Tips

CyberVista’s Expert Tips for Before and During the CISSP Exam

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Preparing for the CISSP Exam isn’t just about your knowledge. It’s about having the right test day strategy and ensuring you’re both physically and mentally ready. This is a six hour test. We call it a marathon and not a sprint. In order to be successful, learn what to do ahead of the exam, at the start, middle, and end!

Control Your Environment

  • Visit the test center ahead of test day – plan the best route to get there and check out parking
  • Dress in layers  
  • Bring water and a snack to leave in your locker

Understand the test experience

  • Get comfortable with the Computer Based Test interface
  • Practice the Scratch Pad Method
  • Improve your odds – try to eliminate one or two answer choices quickly

Pace Yourself

  • Take breaks every hour. The CISSP is not a speeded exam- you’ll have all the time you need (up to 6 hours) if you have the endurance for it.
  • Note where you stopped when you take a break
  • Question timing strategy – Don’t get hung up on a question – circle it to come back later.

Close out the Test

  • When you think you’re done, review all of your marked questions.

And now, take a deep breath and think of everything you’ve learned, not just for the test but for the long term.