Get Yourself a Personal Trainer for the Security+ Exam

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Get Yourself a Personal Trainer for the Security+ Exam

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You’ve decided to earn your Security+ certification. You’re likely feeling a surge of motivation to hit the books, but first let’s talk about the exam and what it takes to walk out of the testing center with a passing score.The Security+ SY0-501 exam covers six expansive domains, administers up to 90 multiple-choice questions, and must be completed within 90 minutes. Oh, did we mention you need a passing score of at least 750 points out of 900 (which leaves very little margin for error)?

We’ve all encountered a time when we were racing against the clock to memorize some course material well enough to pass an exam, but the cramming approach isn’t going to work for the Security+ exam. Plus, burrowing your head in Darril Gibson’s CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead SY0-501 Study Guide without a structured and organized study plan is not a good approach either.

The good news is that studying for the Security+ exam isn’t something you have to do on your own. Earning your Security+ certification can kickoff a career launch or transformation, much in the same way that following through on your New Year’s fitness resolution can set off a positive chain reaction. You wouldn’t think twice about hiring a trainer to sculpt your exercise regimen, so let’s talk about applying the same concepts to your cybersecurity training journey.

It Takes Time to Get in Shape

Abdominal muscles are not built in a week, right? Security+ exam knowledge cannot be absorbed in a week either. In fact, major academic studies have indicated that cramming is only an effective means of test preparation when the study material is one chapter or less. Just like there aren’t any miracle diets to get your beach bod ready for the summer, there is no substitution in test prep for quality study time.

The depth of the Security+ exam is not something you should underestimate; but at the same time, if you stick to a study routine and glean the concepts, then you’ll see it’s nothing you should be scared of either. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t sit for the exam with confidence at the end of your training period.

A Customized Study Plan Means Better Results

The first step to working with a personal trainer is to assess your current physical condition and to establish your fitness goals for the future. From there, he or she will customize an exercise regimen to help you reach your goals. Similarly, an experienced Security+ training provider will help you to diagnose your current knowledge in order to help you reach your training goals. Within CyberVista’s training curriculum, we start every course with a 100-question diagnostic exam. This will identify which of the six domains you’ve already mastered and which areas will need more attention. For example, if you already have a solid understanding of risk management but need to brush up on encryption and public key infrastructure, then we can design additional learning exercises that’ll challenge you and strengthen your knowledge-base for those specific topics.

Track Your Progress

When you’re wrapping up a workout with your personal trainer, don’t you appreciate when he or she candidly shares where you’re excelling and where you need improvement? As you continue to attend classes, take practices quizzes, and leverage the question bank (QBank), our Performance Tracker will monitor your progress. The Performance Tracker will give you  valuable feedback by showing which topics you comprehend well and which topics you’ll need to revisit.

Build Custom Workouts

In addition to time spent with your personal trainer, it’s likely you’ll be given workouts to be completed on your own time. These extra sessions are where you’ll accelerate and focus your efforts. So until you see your trainer again you have to self-start your own fitness sessions and workouts. While studying for the Security+ exam, you’re going to need to review the course material outside of any class sessions. Beyond the benefit that all of our Live Online classes are recorded and can be re-watched anytime and as much as you like during your six month training period, we also provide a video library that covers specific subtopics in detail. As an example, if you’d like to review the definitions and concepts of “Resiliency and Automation Strategies” or “Wireless Security Concepts,” you can review these topics directly without wading through the class videos.

When you’re making progress in the gym, you want to test your strength and stamina. The same principle applies to studying for a challenging exam. The more knowledge you learn, the more you’ll want to test how well you’re retaining the information. That’s why our training program offers a QBank: a reserve of 300+ questions where you can build customized assessments – just to see how you’re doing.

Set The Goal

Ditch the plans to self-study and cram for the Security+ SYO-501 certification. Partner with a personal trainer that will offer significant motivational support, assemble a customized study plan, and instill knowledge that you’ll retain for the long term. Instead of bracing yourself for a stressful and time-consuming study plan, consider a training solution that uses your time wisely. We’ve designed a certification training program that’s backed by learning science and will fit into your schedule and your life. Learn about our Certify training courses.