Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Build critical cybersecurity knowledge and skills needed for Blue & Red teams to analyze, report, and remediate vulnerabilities.

Course Overview

Whether it’s the Blue, Red, or Purple Team, Vulnerability Management is a critical component in protecting the organization from cyber-attacks. Where the Security Operations Center (SOC) is responsible for putting out fires, the role of Vulnerability Management is to assess, prioritize, and resolve weaknesses in enterprise systems before getting the SOC involved.

On top of detection and evaluation responsibilities, Vulnerability Analysts must know how to effectively translate reports and mitigation strategies to different stakeholders within the organization, from the SOC to the C-suite. Vulnerability Management is not just an audit to check a box, but a constant reevaluation process necessary for continuous and effective risk management.

The Vulnerability Assessment and Management course is a five-hour, online introductory training program in the field of Vulnerability Assessment, with an emphasis on reporting and analysis.

  • 5 hours of on-demand training videos
  • 2 hands-on lab exercises
  • 12 question diagnostic exam
  • 12 question final exam
  • 26 knowledge check questions
  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • Tool and shortcut handouts
  • Performance Tracker


It is recommended to have some basic knowledge of IT infrastructure and familiarity with security systems and controls. Practitioners with a Security+ certification or those who have completed CyberVista’s Critical Knowledge course are suggested.


There are several options to continue your training following the Vulnerability Assessment & Management course depending on your interests.

For technical roles:

For managerial roles:

Course Outline

Domain 1: Risk and Threats

  • Unit 1: Risk Analysis – Explain the relationship between vulnerabilities, threats, likelihood, impact, and response in cybersecurity risk analysis within an organization.
  • Unit 2: Threat Modeling – Identify and categorize the likely threats that may target types of businesses.

Domain 2: Managing and Reporting Vulnerabilities

  • Unit 1: Vulnerability Management – Describe the steps in vulnerability assessment, and how to collaborate with the security team and communicate with the rest of the company.
  • Unit 2: Vulnerability Reporting – Given a series of vulnerability scans, describe how to report the threats to the business.

Domain 3: Detecting and Mitigating Vulnerabilities

  • Unit 1: Defensive vs. Offensive Detection – Explain how blue and red teams use reconnaissance techniques to locate targets and identify potential vulnerabilities. Provide recommendations on remediation steps.
  • Unit 2: Common Enterprise Vulnerabilities and Mitigations – Given an enterprise asset, choose the appropriate vulnerability tool to automate assessment. Describe and recommend mitigation techniques for common vulnerabilities.