Live Classroom for the Working Professional

Live Classroom for the Working Professional 150 150 CyberVista now N2K

CyberVista CISM Courses are great for the working professional. You can take the classes with you in the car, office, or from the house. When taking the course from a computer, you can interact with the instructor, ask questions, chat with your classmates and CyberVista provide breaks as if you were sitting in an actual classroom.

Expect homework. When you start the class you will take a pretest to assess your current skills, every week you will complete a test, and you will have both a midterm and a final exam. CyberVista wants each student to succeed and provides supplemental learning material on areas former students have struggled with learning. Oh and don’t forget the homework which is videos covering the same topics as the course presented in a slightly different way to help the material stick. CyberVista Courses are the most realistic class you can take and still be in the comfort of your own home.