Prepared and confident

Prepared and confident 150 150 CyberVista now N2K

I recently completed the online CISM course offered through Cybervista. I have had experience taking other courses through the government, academic institutions and other large international vendors and I can emphatically say that I have not been better prepared or more confident in taking an associated certification than with the CyberVista program.

The instructor was not only knowledgeable, but possessed the ability to convey the information in academic terms and from personal experiences. The content was well organized and thorough. The books were designed to really aid the student in putting the pieces together. The virtual classroom was cutting edge and first rate technology. Real time feedback, real time question and answers and quizzes. The staff had respect for those in the class who had other experiences and solicited others opinions.. I don’t see myself attending any other training at this point other than CyberVista.