The Top Three Reasons to Earn a CISSP Certification Now

The Top Three Reasons to Earn a CISSP Certification Now 864 486 CyberVista now N2K

This blog post was originally published on August 26, 2016, but has been updated for additional content and accuracy. 

The CISSP Certification is an Excellent Investment

Earning your CISSP certification isn’t easy. You need experience, an endorsement, and you’ll have to pass a grueling, three-hour, 100-150 question adaptive exam (learn more about Computer Adaptive Testing for the CISSP here).
But the certification will be worth the exertion. A CISSP certification is an investment, not just an expensive piece of paper a Pearson Vue testing center print-out. It represents access to an exclusive club of in-demand professionals who possess the skills that companies will need for years to come.
The following list highlights the tremendous benefits of an investment in a CISSP certification.

1. Show your Worth

A CISSP certification is a great way to show what you know. Maybe you’re a cryptography geek who studies the latest asymmetric encryption practices. Maybe you have the aptitude for developing and implementing cybersecurity policies. Unfortunately, proving these facts to potential employers is often more difficult than it should be—especially if you lack professional experience in certain areas. Having CISSP next to your name proves you have skills that might not be easily discerned by scanning your resume. Even if you lack the necessary experience to become a CISSP, preparing for the exam is still a worthy endeavor. Successful candidates become Associates of (ISC)2, a designation which shows off your cybersecurity chops and sets you up for CISSP certification as soon as you gain enough experience. By passing the exam or earning the title of CISSP, you demonstrate you have the following:

  • Technical security prowess along with managerial competence
  • Expertise in eight crucial security areas ranging from access control to software development.
  • Comfort with the technology and controls that improve a company’s security posture.
  • Readiness to participate in the creation of policies that set the framework for enterprise level cybersecurity.

The CISSP certification will help you distinguish yourself from other IT professionals. There are only 105,000 CISSPs across 160 countries.

2. Become In-Demand

According to, there are over 301,873 cybersecurity job openings in the United States. Cybersecurity teams even have low confidence in the abilities of their current staff. A report from managed security services provider, Trustwave, notes:

  • More than 80% of cybersecurity professionals are looking for qualified people to join their staff right now.
  • Over 20% want to quadruple their staff size.
  • Barely 30% of security professionals have confidence their team can detect data breaches.
  • 42% believe their teams can only deal with minor breaches.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are looking to upgrade their cybersecurity teams by hiring employees with a CISSP Certification. lists CISSP at the top of its eight most in-demand IT security certifications. Last year in the U.S. alone, employers posted almost 50,000 positions requesting this certification—even though, once again, there are only 125,000 (estimated) CISSPs worldwide. A 2015 Burning Glass report also shows the demand for CISSPs increasing over the next five years. If you’re interested in a government career, you’re in luck. The CISSP is one of just a handful certifications to the Department of Defense Directive 8570 (DoDD 8570/8140). By getting certified, you can take your pick from the thousands of jobs that are waiting to be filled.

3. Make Yourself Irreplaceable

There’s been considerable investment lately in technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation as ways to combat cyber threats. These innovations may threaten the livelihoods of many cybersecurity professionals—but not CISSPs. The CISSP certification proves that you are a cybersecurity leader. You will have what it takes to make decisions, understand emerging technologies, and implement enterprise-level strategies that consider technology and long-term business impacts.
Start your journey in becoming a globally-recognized cybersecurity leader, but don’t waste time and energy by pursuing the certification alone. Check out CyberVista’s CISSP training course today and sign up to access a free trial instantly.