Cyber Professionals Learning Formula

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A Better Approach to Cyber Training

Gamification. Innovation. Lab-based. AI driven. Bootcamps. Cyber training companies love to tout these buzzwords words and most choose one of these approaches as a single magic training bullet. The idea that any one intervention of training will result in a more skilled and effective workforce is fundamentally flawed.

So, we went the other way and built a comprehensive workforce development solution that is a true comprehensive learning formula as opposed to programs singular in modality and message.

Cyber Learning Formula

Our cyber workforce development approach, Cyber Advance, is designed to combine the best learning modalities and innovative training mechanisms and deliver them online in a convenient and efficient modular package. In addition to focusing on HOW to deliver, we also develop curriculum based on defining discrete knowledge and skills required for job roles at multiple levels. We’ve created a true training roadmap.

As a company steeped in both cybersecurity expertise and learning science, we have the privilege of digging deep into both areas. Our subject matter experts and instructors are practitioners and know firsthand the frustration with the lack of quality on the job training available to help people actually do their jobs better.

More so, our team knows that merely teaching concepts (or even only providing hands-on labs) is insufficient to truly identify and source new types of cybersecurity talent. Most importantly, our company understands the important role employers play in the workforce ecosystem, and their need for tracking to help staff (and their leaders) gauge their progress.

While some training providers focus on building a new pipeline of candidates, few cybersecurity training and education solutions are focused on actual job roles and skills.

Taxonomy – Delivering a Framework Focused on Skills

Building upon research done by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) and leveraging the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF), we worked with multiple companies to understand actual job roles (and company needs!), allowing us to establish a baseline skills taxonomy.

We coupled this with what we learned from employers to identify and map the discrete skills needed by job roles at multiple levels. The result is a roadmap that ties role requirements with skills. The exciting thing about that is it provides a clear and flexible way to determine the skills gap throughout and between roles — the perfect way to target training. Our domains breakdown as follows:

CyberVista Advance Taxonomy

Diagnostic Learning Through Assessment

Our learning formula starts with an assessment. We don’t believe in throwing someone into the deep end of the pool without a life preserver. We want to understand each student’s starting level of knowledge and skills base. This establishes each student’s personalized learning path by identifying their learning gaps and focusing that person’s training requirements. Knowledge checks along the way help ensure students are truly learning to master the knowledge and skills.

For the team leader or administrator of team training, we can provide analytics showing progress, engagement, and achievement by person and as an aggregate.

Conceptual Learning Through Video on Demand and Live Online Sessions

Our video and live content go beyond simple recorded lectures. We’ve created a continuously engaging learning program. We’ve applied the best of learning science to create content with differentiated delivery through our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS).

What does this really mean? It’s funny. It’s interesting. It’s dynamic. You’ll look forward to the next module wondering how it might be delivered differently than the one you watched over breakfast. For organizations that want a bit more accountability built into their training investment, we’ve introduced some live sessions to emphasize certain areas of learning based on industry or training priorities.

Experiential Learning Using Hands-on Labs

At its core we know that cyber professionals are doers and nothing can replace the value of good old trial and error. Experiential learning helps cyber professionals sharpen their saws by applying what they’re learning to a situation and environment they might encounter in their daily jobs.

Using a lab environment, we help students reinforce their learning by getting their hands on keyboards with exercises and scenarios. Plus, with case studies and quizzes as part of the applied learning bundle, we’ve created a recipe for achieving competency.

Next Level Training

Advance takes practitioner education to the next-level by delivering a comprehensive workforce training solution supplying all of the tools you need to hire, upskill, promote, and retain your security teams. It’s a totally different approach than traditional training solutions which rely on dated industry exams and standards. Even more importantly, our solution is completely scalable, making it ideal for teams from 15 – 5,000.

Given the 100% online, modular delivery, organizations can choose a few modules or the whole solution. We’re focused on delivering the training that upskills your team members through a personalized curriculum that ensures each team member is up to speed to meet the needs of your staffing and job role requirements.

Ready to get started to get your team up to speed? Request a free demo on our Advance solution and inquire about a pilot program or a full training program for your cyber workforce.