Live Free and CISSP – Preparation That Fits Your Life

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CISSP Exam Preparation – Convenience and Flexibility

CISSP exam preparation doesn’t have to be like debugging code, reviewing log entries, or helping your mom update her iPad.

At CyberVista, we know you’re busy and your time is valuable. That’s why we have designed our CISSP prep course to fit into your life. Unlike an intensive, week-long bootcamp, our course doesn’t require travel, time away from your work or home, or sleep deprivation.

Our online course structure offers flexibility and convenience, while also ensuring you are on track to pass the exam the first time. The course includes on-demand videos you can watch at your convenience, taught by expert instructors through lightboard technology, plus multiple learning tools you can access at any time, anywhere.

On the Train

You’re on your commute to work and delays are testing your patience. Instead of enabling your new addiction to mobile gaming or streaming an episode of Mr. Robot, you decide to be efficient and cue up a few on-demand videos in preparation for tonight’s live online lesson. You plug your earbuds into your phone and turn up your brightness to really make the lightboard pop. Fifteen minutes later, while the train still hasn’t moved, you understand asymmetric encryption and the different ways to exploit the Three-Way Handshake.

On Your Lunch Break

Good news: you’ve made it work. And you’ve made it to lunch time.

While you’re enjoying last night’s leftover lasagna, you take a 20-question homework quiz to test your knowledge of the material you learned on the train. You get a 14/20 (in line with the score you need to pass the CISSP!) For the questions you didn’t get right, you read detailed explanations for the right answer and use CyberVista’s Performance Tracker tool that, in one-click, takes you right to the on-demand video that covers the material you missed. You are feeling good about those questions you missed – confident you will get them right the next time around.

On Your Couch

The train ride home wasn’t as bad as this morning. You come home and have an hour to relax before tonight’s live online lesson. You gather everything you need for the class: your computer, your lesson book, your favorite, five colors-in-one, retractable pen so you can take notes by hand, and snacks (we recommend pretzels). You log into the LMS and you are ready to go.
One of our expert instructors takes you through the Security Engineering domain covered on the CISSP exam in a short video lesson, you tackle 15 practice questions, and reinforce the key points of the lecture with lesson book fill-in-the-blanks.

Study On

Life doesn’t happen in a far-away boot-camp. It happens on your commute, on your lunch break, and, mostly, on your couch. That’s why our course is on-demand. So you can do your CISSP exam preparation while you get on with your life.