Young Cyber Professionals Leverage Associate of (ISC)2 Program

Young Cyber Professionals Leverage Associate of (ISC)² Program

Young Cyber Professionals Leverage Associate of (ISC)² Program 1200 628 CyberVista now N2K

A Brighter Cyber Future

Fledgling cybersecurity professionals have a bright future – 0% unemployment, high salaries, and upward mobility. This isn’t just a trend – it’s reality. Yet, when it comes to closing the nation’s cyber workforce shortage of over 200,000 unfilled positions, more needs to be done to welcome and attract new talent to the field.

Many of unfilled cybersecurity positions required certifications. Yet, becoming a certified cybersecurity professional isn’t necessarily a quick and easy process. These requirements may be deterring would-be cyber professionals. For example, in order to earn the gold-standard CISSP certification, you will need to pass a rigorous exam, gain five years of experience, and be endorsed by a certified professional.
To reverse the projected trends of dire cybersecurity workforce shortfalls, programs like the Associate of (ISC)² are offering cyber newcomers a vehicle into the professional world of cybersecurity.

Associate of (ISC)² Program

The Associate of (ISC)² program allows candidates that have passed a certification exam to upgrade their resume and knowledge while they are gaining the necessary experience to become fully certified. Likewise, earning the Associate certification signals true dedication to a cyber career path.
The Associate of (ISC)² program is great for the cybersecurity field and cyber professionals themselves. The program assists newcomers in pursuing a career in cybersecurity by enhancing their credibility and marketability while they are gaining experience. In fact, many cybersecurity job postings request applicants who are Associate CISSPs in addition to full CISSPs. The associate program also provides access to career resources such as networking, knowledge sharing, and exposure to cybersecurity thought leaders. Just being associated with (ISC)² pays off — literally. According to a 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study, (ISC)² members reported a 35% average higher salary than non-members.

Don’t Wait to Start Your Journey

So even if you don’t have the necessary experience, don’t wait to pursue a certification. Start your journey in becoming a globally recognized IT security leader. Enroll in CyberVista’s CISSP test prep course today.