Javier Aparicio, Security+

Student Spotlight: Javier Aparicio, Security+

Student Spotlight: Javier Aparicio, Security+ 960 540 CyberVista now N2K

Student Spotlight: Javier Aparicio, Security+

Installation Geographic Information Officer (GIO)/GIS Technician, Organization: Air National Guard

Welcome to CyberVista’s Student Spotlight Series. We regularly keep in touch with our alumni and highlight their experiences using the CyberVista system. Our latest installment features an interview with Javier Aparicio, an Installation GIO/GIS Technician with the Air National Guard. The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Course completed: Security+ On-Demand


Tell us about your job and current responsibilities.

I work at a military installation in the Civil Engineering department where I support projects, drawings, and maps. Over time I’ve taken on additional roles within our department and have taken on IT responsibilities — partially based on our department’s need and my own interest in IT.

Why did you decide to take on Security+?

During a discussion with my supervisor last year I mentioned that I’d like to take a more active, and official, role in IT. After exploring some internal options and talking to our Chief Master Sergeant, I realized the right path was getting my Security+ certification.

Why did you choose CyberVista?

I was very lucky that my management let me do my research and choose the training course that worked best for me. I chose CyberVista because over the course of my career I’ve experienced many other training options and I knew I needed something versatile to work with my work and personal responsibilities. Versatility was critical to me.

I chose CyberVista’s On-Demand Security+ course because I knew my schedule was inconsistent and wouldn’t always allow me to be available for the set lectures of the Live Online version. The ability to go at my own pace, access the course materials at work and after hours, and do it from any device, were all key.

What was your favorite resource in CyberVista’s Learning Management System (LMS)?  

Out of everything that was available to me in the LMS, the customizable quizzes were hands down the best resource for me. Specifically, the ability to manipulate and customize the quizzes and then review the correct and incorrect answers was critical. It saved me hours of digging through the book to figure out why I got an answer wrong.

Did you have a favorite Security+ domain or topic?

I found Architecture and Design to be the most interesting because I actually used to be an architect.

Tell us about your exam experience.

First of all, I set an exam deadline for myself. As my exam day approached, I pushed the test day strategies a bit and did continue to review videos and content until the morning of my exam. I walked into the exam a little nervous, but knew that I’d put in the hours going through all of the material and was just going to do my best.

After making it through a batch of experimental questions – which really threw me because I’d never seen this material before – and the bulk of the exam, I still had 30 questions to go with 15 minutes left. I have never had to read, retain and process information so quickly. When I found out that I’d passed the exam I must have said something aloud because I definitely got dirty looks from the other test takers. It was such a relief to find out I passed!

What’s your advice to future CyberVista students?

Go through the whole program. If you want to maximize your chances of being successful, don’t skip areas or take any shortcuts. These training materials were developed with a lot of thought and effort, so use them.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

That’s easy, I’m an avid cyclist. I love going for epic mountain bike rides where you tear up a trail, but I also like my “need for speed” road bike where you hit the road and go as fast as you can. It’s thrilling!

Javier Aparicio, Security+

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