Top 5 Training Challenges Cyber Leaders Face

Top 5 Training Challenges Cyber Leaders Face 864 486 CyberVista now N2K

Cybersecurity leaders today face a host of critical challenges, but cyber talent increasingly tops that list.  The prevalence of cybersecurity threats in itself is a daily battle, but it’s even worse with limited talent supplies and high attrition rates. The most innovative organizations are tackling these challenges in a different way, with initiatives designed to identify emerging talent and are training, upskilling, and promoting people into the right roles.  We’ve developed CyberVista Advance as a more efficient, effective, less expensive yet comprehensive way to train cyber employees. So, what are the top 5 ways customers are using Advance and our Critical Knowledge Course?

1. Upskilling to meet demand 

We know organizations struggle to fully staff their teams with qualified candidates and many are starting to look at where they can transition talent from adjacent roles into cyber roles.  The only issue is that it’s an additional challenge to find targeted training that focuses on the skills required for new employees as well as training that efficiently targets the skills needed to transition existing IT and upskill current cyber staff to meet the needs of each role.
CyberVista’s Advance offers comprehensive online and hands on training that upskills your team through a modular and personalized curriculum that ensures each team member is up to speed to meet the needs of your staffing and job role requirements.

2. Baselining staff knowledge and competencies

Cyber leaders understand that there are likely knowledge gaps in fast growing teams. Not everyone comes into a role with the same background and expertise.  By running entire teams through an essential cyber knowledge assessment at the outset, not only do employers receive a baseline of their team’s knowledge for decision-making, but they can then ensure staff can receive the proper training based on their individual identified knowledge gaps, ultimately increasing the security posture of their organization.
CyberVista Advance launches with a comprehensive critical knowledge course with 7 units that delivers an entire team a baseline of knowledge.  With each team member running through the same path, leaders can feel confident that there are no knowledge gaps regardless of cyber role. Further, in that the course starts with a diagnostic exam, the learning path is personalized by user based on each team member’s assessment resulting in no wasted time and an efficient learning plan.  Individuals who excel in certain areas can move more quickly and those who need more attention can focus their time to achieve mastery. Net net, the team leadership can feel confident in the competency of their staff and more importantly, confident in how to identify and fill the competency gaps.

3. Recruiting and retention

Organizations have identified the need to support the learning of cyber professionals especially given the constant change of this emerging field. To find the right people and retain staff, organizations need to invest in training.
CyberVista offers a best in class training program that delivers a personalized path for every user. This allows full support of current and future cyber professionals within an organization wanting new people to join and existing employees to stay and thrive.

4. Compliance

Cyber team leaders need a better way to meet compliance needs for training their teams.  Most organizations can’t track at any level of specificity regarding the courses, certifications, or hours their staff spend in training. CyberVista Advance offers a comprehensive reporting package that shows each team member’s personalized path, progress, activity, and attendance.  Further, this package showcases the progress individuals or teams make across learning units. More than just checking a box, cyber team leaders can finally feel confident about the competence of their teams.

5. Help training dollars to go further

It doesn’t matter how large any budget is, cyber team leaders seek value for their training dollars.  CyberVista Advance allows organizations to spend the same amount of money and train more people or spend less to train the same number of people.  We offer a clear alternative to existing high cost bootcamps. Plus, team members don’t disappear for a week at a time when they go to a bootcamp training or even when organizations bring in a bootcamp instructor.
How about a 6th reason? Cyber practitioners want training that keeps their attention and is relevant for their profession with hands-on practice.  Traditional bootcamp training is one directional — sit and listen. Given the hands-on and inquisitive nature of most cyber professionals, they yearn for active and interactive learning.
CyberVista Advance offers a combination of engaging video delivery with multiple styles, a lab environment, scenarios, and assessment to ensure that learning and mastery are both interesting and successful.

Advance your organization

As a cyber leader or cyber practitioner, training is a priority and CyberVista is here to help.  We’ve developed Advance — training designed to advance your organization with 100% online, modular delivery that is scalable and configurable to your needs.