CyberVista at RSA Conference 2017

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CyberVista has been rubbing shoulders with the security elite  at RSA for the past week. Held each year in San Francisco, the RSA Conference is one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world. We’ve spent the week talking with students and instructors; developers and CEOs; managers and end users, CISSPs and CISSP wannabes – and everyone in between. We’ve been asking a simple question: “In one word, what does the future of cybersecurity look like to you?”


The security practitioners we talked with were quick to highlight the demanding and rewarding nature of their field. From new vulnerabilities to ever-adapting adversaries, the world of cybersecurity is a dynamic environment with lots of unanswered questions and challenges.
At CyberVista, the challenge we intend to solve is the cyber skills gap. Every year, thousands of cybersecurity jobs go unfilled because positions require advanced technical knowledge or a high-level credential – and the number of available jobs is set to climb even higher in 2017. Whether you’re a recent graduate, veteran programmer, or complete newcomer to the field, cybersecurity education can take your career to the next level.


Innovative ideas are the currency of Silicon Valley and this San Francisco based-event was no exception. From the most recognizable vendors to the newest start ups, everyone was showcasing innovative solutions to the most complicated security problems.
At the CyberVista booth, we were showing off our lightboard technology, contributing the atmosphere of innovation.  The inner workings of the lightboard are simple: it’s just a glass pane, LED lights, and standard Expo dry erase markers. Yet, by combining this tool with a skilled instructor, our students can experience an engaging and insightful lesson. (And it sure beats a deck of 1000 PowerPoint slides!)


The theme of this year’s RSA Conference was “The Power of Opportunity.” But that’s not the only reason why attendees had opportunity on their minds. With every challenge comes new opportunities for growth – that’s what brought conference-goers to RSA, and that’s what continues to drive the cybersecurity field forward.
If you’re searching for a new opportunity – or looking to refresh your cybersecurity knowledge – CyberVista is an ideal educational partner. Our CISSP test prep course takes a challenging certification, uses innovative technology, and will provide you with opportunity to take your career to the next level. We will give you both the knowledge and confidence to pass the exam on your first try.